Maldives: How It Killed Beach Holidays For Me

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Once you go Maldives, you can’t go back.

A rich man’s playground, a poor man’s fantasy, she becomes the benchmark upon which you judge every subsequent beach holiday against, like an annoying boyfriend/girlfriend who keeps comparing to the ex. You forget what frugality is, you forget what contentment means, you forget to bring home your Havaianas from Maldives, if only to give yourself a perfectly justified reason to go back and retrieve it because let’s face it, your life is absolutely incomplete without those slippers.

Or maybe it’s a piece of your heart that you leave behind. Once you go Maldives, you are never the same again. And that’s how Maldives killed beach holidays for me.

The little islets of Maldivian atollsFifty Shades of Blue: An aerial view from a seaplane, of ring-shaped coral reefs, islands or series of islets that surround a lagoon, collectively forming atolls which make up the Maldives.

When I first set afoot on…

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