NYC is Too Damned Warm… Global Warming?

Unlearning Schizophrenia

As much as atheism is touted as a fatalistic, deathly perspective, it is actually the most vibrant and alive. So many faiths preach the end of the world… but simply this is negative thinking! If we instead believe that we *ourselves* are responsible for our own survival, we will then take action, instead of waiting for divine intervention to end it all, Deus ex Machina style.

Things need to change regarding our mentality: We must stop valuing money. We must stop exploiting our planet’s natural resources as a source of income. We are completely unjustified to do this. What right do we have to deplete our stores of oil? Or our fresh water in aquifers? What about the atrocities we commit to create GMO products? And regarding factory farming of animals, different people have varying levels of what they think is exploitation. Some advocate for veganism, which unfortunately does not…

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