I have Learnt By Ana Lorena

By far this is one of my favorite read written by one of the most talented actress and I can say she is also future best writer. The original is written in Spanish and I tried to translate it in English.

“My experience in this life can be as short or as long as you want to see. At the end of the day, I think it’s trying to decide what you’re filling your life day by day. I’ve decided to fill it full of learning, among other things. It hurts to grow but it’s worth it because I’ve learned.

Here I go!

I have learned that there are shenanigans that would repeat a thousand times for me to laugh like that day.
I have learned that there are smiles irreplaceable.
I have learned that silence does not lead to anything. That silence may be the language of the wise but it is also the best hiding place of the cowards.
I have learned that there are things that I will never understand and that there are answers that just gives you the time.

I’ve learned to take my time even though I criticize or make fun by “slow”. However I have also learned that there soon those things that are worthwhile.
I have learned that by wanting to tear down walls in others, you neglect your own… And even though I know that they were invented to protect I have also learned that in the long run only imprison you.
I have learned that you don’t always have to know where you’re going, but yes with who.
I have learned that the material does not define who you are and the fame, the less.
I have learned that in the road you travel, it is important to provide value; build and if you’re not gonna do that, at least don’t destroy.
I have learned that the heart does not always lead to way more clear but in the end it is always the best.
I have learned that there are eyes that tell stories and hugs that heal. By the way, I would like to live in a hug.

I’ve learned that I’m not here to negotiate with the insecurities of no one more than mine. Seriously, I have enough with mine.
I have learned that there’s nothing better than to get home. The family is the family.
I have learned that there’s irony as big as men who claim to be gentlemen just because they have that on the doors of the toilets and that there are “ladies” willing to give himself away.
I’ve learned that it is essential to get ahead in life. We must keep our spirits up. Don ‘ t give up, you’re almost there!
I’ve learned that knowing two languages can take you very far.
I’ve learned to laugh even for me. Do it, is that good for you and makes you stronger.


I’ve learned to record me the voices of my grandparents like to bring them to “replay” when they are not, and I need some advice.
I’ve learned that people give of what you have. For better and for worse.
I’ve learned that happiness is in a walk of sand and moon, of orchids in the sea, sea walls with music… It’s in discovering songs and fill them with memories… It’s in enjoy the moment… It’s on me. However, it’s so nice to share.
I’ve learned that listening is to be done with the heart willing, an open mind and that can be done even with the skin.
I’ve learned to look at a flower is also therapy.
I have learned that the imperfections are perfect.
I’ve learned that I’m not perfect and that I don’t want to be.
I’ve learned that I’m still learning, that takes time and that this list is only going to grow up…”


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