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NYC is Too Damned Warm… Global Warming?

Unlearning Schizophrenia

As much as atheism is touted as a fatalistic, deathly perspective, it is actually the most vibrant and alive. So many faiths preach the end of the world… but simply this is negative thinking! If we instead believe that we *ourselves* are responsible for our own survival, we will then take action, instead of waiting for divine intervention to end it all, Deus ex Machina style.

Things need to change regarding our mentality: We must stop valuing money. We must stop exploiting our planet’s natural resources as a source of income. We are completely unjustified to do this. What right do we have to deplete our stores of oil? Or our fresh water in aquifers? What about the atrocities we commit to create GMO products? And regarding factory farming of animals, different people have varying levels of what they think is exploitation. Some advocate for veganism, which unfortunately does not…

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Maldives: How It Killed Beach Holidays For Me

Keep Calm & Jas Travel

Once you go Maldives, you can’t go back.

A rich man’s playground, a poor man’s fantasy, she becomes the benchmark upon which you judge every subsequent beach holiday against, like an annoying boyfriend/girlfriend who keeps comparing to the ex. You forget what frugality is, you forget what contentment means, you forget to bring home your Havaianas from Maldives, if only to give yourself a perfectly justified reason to go back and retrieve it because let’s face it, your life is absolutely incomplete without those slippers.

Or maybe it’s a piece of your heart that you leave behind. Once you go Maldives, you are never the same again. And that’s how Maldives killed beach holidays for me.

The little islets of Maldivian atollsFifty Shades of Blue: An aerial view from a seaplane, of ring-shaped coral reefs, islands or series of islets that surround a lagoon, collectively forming atolls which make up the Maldives.

When I first set afoot on…

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An Easy Denim Outfit Under $50

Design Passion

Want to know how to keep your wardrobe stocked with the freshest items without making a huge dent in your bank account? It?s easy?shop our wallet-friendly ensemble each week! To make sure you’re set with the coolest (and most affordable!) buys, every Monday, we?re putting together an entire look for under $50. So scroll down to snag this week?s simple denim outfit, and make sure to come back every Monday to discover more bargain looks!

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10 things you never thought you would dress your boys’ in…

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10 things you never thought you would dress your boys’ in…


If only someone would write a statement or book for when it is socially acceptable to put your baby boy in a pink shirt. Not that I am promoting anything gender specific of course but seriously, a Mums worst nightmare is someone coming up to your child in a bid to ooh and aah with compliments only to totally get their gender wrong. Personally I waited until my boys reached toddlerhood. That way he’s walking, talking and simply by the way he kicks his Dad in the nuts in their ritual play fight screams boy all over so your boy can look dapper without any misconceptions.

pink shirt

Loafers without socks

When I was growing up, wearing footwear without socks was simply unheard of in the male species unless you were wearing flip flops, sandals or slippers. However, over the…

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A Passport and Messy Hair

If you’re like me, you like to pack enough items in order to have various outfit options on your trips. When asked if I consider that I overpacked my answer is always, “No – my suitcase is under 50 lbs. and I have enough options in case of weather changes, mood changes or itinerary changes.”

Once a year, my family takes a month long vacation and my biggest challenge is fitting four week’s worth of clothes and shoes in one suitcase. It is safe to say this is the only thing I plan days ahead of time.

This post is to share the packing strategy which has been the most effective for my personal needs and I decided to make a brief checklist for all my readers as a form of advice on items to take based on past experiences (to print out the checklist- click on the link to…

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